The IRIS operations strategy is to work with the resource providers’ existing operations systems as much as possible. This avoids duplication of effort and minimises disruption to sites as IRIS user communities are added.

User communities can contact support AT iris.ac.uk to report problems with IRIS services or the underlying resources which execute jobs and store data. The shifters who receive those emails will triage the problem and direct it to the appropriate support unit. Due to the limited staff effort available, user communities should provide a way for normal users to ask their own expert users for help, and only then escalate problems to IRIS if it appears to be a genuine problem with the infrastructure. 

For people in user communities and at sites with an interest in operations, there is an iris-operations AT jiscmail.ac.uk mailing list for discussing operations topics as they apply to IRIS. 

High Throughput Computing / Grid

For issues with HTC capacity underwritten by GridPP, we convert mails sent to the iris-shifters list into GGUS tickets for the relevant site, with iris.ac.uk as the Virtual Organisation unless there is a more appropriate VO registered with GGUS (eg DUNE or skatelescope.eu). Recent iris.ac.uk tickets can be found by searching on the GGUS website.

High Performance Computing

For issues with HPC capacity underwritten by DiRAC, mail to the IRIS support address will be forwarded (with a Cc: to the requestor) to the appropriate email address within the DiRAC project.

IRIS Services

This list records known contact details for central services IRIS uses.

  • APEL (accounting repository): normally create a GGUS ticket addressed to the APEL support unit. More details on the contact page.
  • GridPP DIRAC Service (not to be confused with DiRAC): GGUS ticket to UKI-LT2-IC-HEP
  • www.iris.ac.uk (webserver): GGUS ticket to UKI-NORTHGRID-MAN-HEP or mail andrew.mcnab AT cern.ch

For other services used by IRIS, with no specific contact, the email will be forwarded, with a Cc:, to the iris-operations AT jiscmail.ac.uk mailing list.